3D Protein Retrieval System

Version 0.4

Query Interface: Please input PDB id in left column:
1) search by PDB id,
2) list all protein for search (click one as query example for further search,
3) upload a protein model in PDB format, or
4) click the search button in the result page for similarity search

There are 28,120 (Dec 22, 2004) protein models in this search database.
We are sorry that we cannot connect (rsync) to rsync.rcsb.org for weekly synchronization of PDB database on Jan 1, 2005. We will keep trying.

Member List: 3D Model Retrieval Team and Protein Retrieval Team:

Contact person: Supplementary page of this server: http://www.cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~jsyeh/3Dprotein/ Since May 16, 2003