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ex. 4dfr (Dihydrofolate Reductase)

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Meaning of Icons
Meaning of Ranking:
The ranking of results is with similarity values. The most similar protein model is at upper-left with highest similarity value. The second protein model right next to the first one is the protein model with second similarity value and so on.
Uploadable PDB version (12,21,2004):
In this version, you can submit your unpublished PDB file as query example. The database of this version is the same to our standard version. Only the first model (ex. NMR PDB file) or the first strand (ex. multi-strand PDB file) in all PDB files are compared.

Protein dali/fssp version (12,7,2004):
In this version, all the proteins with strand ID (ex. 4dfrA for the first strand (named strand A in PDB 4dfr file), 4dfrB for the second strand) in FSSP database are are compared.

Last updated 1,12,2005