NTU 3D Model Benchmark ver.1

The NTU 3D Model Benchmark ver.1 provides 3D models for research purpose in 3D model retrieval, matching, recognition, classification, clustering and analysis. Researchers can use the benchmark to get more experimental results and analyses.

The benchmark contains a database of 1,833 3D models, which are free downloaded from 3DCafe (http://www.3dcafe.com) in Dec. 2001, but removes several models with failed formats in decoding. One student independent of this research, regarded as human evaluators, classified the models according to functional similarities. The benchmark was clustered into 47 classes including 549 3D models mainly for vehicle and household items, and all the other 1,284 models classified as "miscellaneous". 3D models in the miscellaneous class are not the same function but noise for correct retrieval, so please don't take them as query inputs.

All 3D models are in Wavefront file format (.obj) in the benchmark. Thumbnail images of each 3D model are also included in the benchmark.

In citiing the benchmark, please refer to:
Ding-Yun Chen, Xiao-Pei Tian, Yu-Te Shen and Ming Ouhyoung, "On Visual Similarity Based 3D Model Retrieval", Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS'03), Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 223-232, Sept. 2003.

The benchmark can only be used for academic purposes and cannot be used for commercial products without permission.

Download: NTU 3D Model Benchmark ver.1 (280MB, zip)

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